KX News

An excerpt from KX news in Minot, ND on March 15, 2015:

Jon Steblay says he never considered his custom fishing rods to be artful, but that is exactly the comment he repeatedly heard at this year's KX Sport Show.  Whitecap Custom Rods started out as a hobby, and Steblay says it grew into an addiction, until his wife warned him to either get help or turn it into a business.  So he says he retired from teaching and is now busier than ever, reeling in nearly one hundred custom rods orders each year.  Each piece takes about a week from beginning to end. He also has his favorites....(Jon Steblay, Owner, Whitecap Custom Rods) "You know, a couple of them, I think one is when my kids wanted a certain rod, a certain way. They designed it and I built it for 'em... appreciation there. And then I've also done rods that I've donated to foundations and such for fundraiser's and those are kind of special because they're unique and they're for good causes."

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