March 2017

Brad T.

Thank you!

My wife loves to fish - probably because she usually outfishes me - and for her birthday, I decided to do something real special for her. We had been at the Red River Valley Sportsman Show in Fargo and I visited the White Cap Rods booth and got to talking to Jon. I took his card and started perusing rods and the options that he offered on his website. I ordered a rod that would fit my wife’s needs and after a few short weeks, I was absolutely amazed at the beauty of this custom one-of-a-kind creation. From the custom cloth cover embroidered with my wife’s name to the threading colors and quality of the components on the rod went well above and beyond my expectations. My wife was more than amazed to own a rod that had her name on and we fished and landed a bunch of walleyes. Here’s where it changed for me. I had asked her to try her rod and she graciously allowed me, but made me promise to give it back to her! I fished with it for 10 minutes before landing my first fish and I will tell you this: this rod is extremely sensitive and is more like an extension of my fingertips - I didn’t want to give it back, but I did. She let me use it for a couple tournaments and I believe it has helped me sense those finicky bites and helped me land more fish than I had expected to. Well, that’s when I decided to get my own and I must say that there’s a certain amount of pride when I pull out my custom rod, rig it and fish with it. Even when the fish aren’t biting, it’s a thing of beauty to just look at as you troll along. Thank you Jon (and Margaret, too!) for two superb rods.

Rod details: Hers: Batson Rainshadow Revelation, medium, fast, 6’6”, 8-14# test, 1/4-5/8oz jig weight, mostly trolling, occasional slip bobber, custom engraved wood handle. His: RODgeeks, same details as hers, both paired with Shimano Spirex 2500RG reels. If you are even considering a custom rod, go with WHITE CAP RODS!

Great rod, great guy, great fishing!
Brad T.   Winger, MN